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PROGE-TEC S.r.l. was born as a company specialized in the automation and industrial engineering for special machineries, to be used alone or integrated in a production line as per the specific productive needs.     

The collaboration of our high trained personnel and the use of modern and always updated technological supports allow the company to grant a very high quality and reliability product to the customer, as well as a complete and personalized technical assistance.     

PROGE-TEC realized a dedicated line of innovative products for the cookware industry thanks to his skill and experiece acquired in this field and creating technologically advanced products capable to show the best performancesin the actual market.
The product-line “PROGE” comes from the increased request of the italian and foreign companies, present in the metal sheet working field, which want to have by their own hands new technologies in order to adapt their production to the needs of a exigent and qualified market.


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