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Deltaquadri srl was founded in 2004 with the intention of creating leading-edge manufacturer of civil and industrial switchboards. Since the beginning Deltaquadri has created an evolutionary process using energy, systems and resources aimed at increasing over time the quality of the service provided to customers.

In 2006 it was moved to its current headquarters in Comun Nuovo (BG), using new equipment, including in the production process in addition to a laboratory that performs functional testing, electrical testing of insulation, bonding and dielectric strength.

In 2013, after years of collaboration becomes part of Progegroup.

Why we chose Deltaquadri for you:

  • currently counts among its client companies with high technological content, with different types of production that in addition to grant confidence, work in synergy and provide the stimulus for constant personal growth.
  • The strategies adopted in these few years of activity are in line with the current needs of the market, of the quality, of service rendered, of competitiveness and of the costs.
  • As part of a global market increasingly aggressive and competitive, with the partnership with Deltaquadri, Progegroup is able to provide and guarantee to our customer a turnkey solution.