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PT178 “Unmatched solution in its kind”

The Progregroup R & D center is pleased to present the new multi-processing machine completely integrated.

Based on P.Technologies patent, the PT178 consists of the  turning, milling, welding, testing and screwing stations integrated in a singular machine.

quipped with single workstations for greater flexibility or double-side stations for the best productivity.

Thanks to sophisticated and advanced devices we have created a compact machine that perfectly fits the production space optimization needs.


The possibility of integrating the test  and the screwing station to the  basic unit, allows the direct creation of the final product from the semi-finished one, without the requirement of any additional machine or processing stage.

The new high productivity line enters in the world of cookware, thanks to the double-handles simultaneous processing system, allows a reduction of working time up to 50%.


The integrated programs and pre-set recipes make it extremely easy to work in total automation any manufacturing item.