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Proge01 is an innovative riveting machine for joining sheet metal. Highly evolved from a technological standpoint, it's environmentally friendly and conforms to EC certification standards.

The power and great flexibility of the machine allow it to rivet even thick gauges (up to 10 mm.)in less than one second. It may utilize different types of rivet, of shank diameter up to 8 mm., and may be re-equipped for use with different rivets in a very short time.
Its modular design makes the machine easily modified to suit customer's specific requests. Dedicated system control and operating software may be implemented, as well as special tooling for particular applications.
Special jigs and other technical solutions allow the machine to be operated even by unskilled workers. Various operating and control devices support complete automation of the production process.

Its reliability and versatility avoid production rejects and minimize the possibility of human error. The use of high quality, standard parts and components readily available on the market, make all routine maintenance and servicing operations extremely quick, easy and low cost.
Appropriate protections and safety devices on the machine warrant the health and safety of the operator in his work place. Acoustic comfort is given by remarkably low working noise level which is well below the minimum level required by safety standards.


technical data STANDARD
rivet diameter ø 3 - 8 mm
stainless steel rivet diameter ø 3 - 6 mm
rivet length 7 - 30 mm
rivet admitted 10 mm
working cycle 0,97 sec
Distance between riveting axis and machine body 250 mm
max. blankholder work stroke 0 mm
max. riveting force 65.000 N
max. absorbed power 7,5 kW
max. absorbed current 25 A
compressed air supply pressure 6 bar
background noise 30 db(A)
noise loadless (stand-by) 65 db(A)
noise at max.load(a.p. max.160 bar) (s.p. max 160 bar)  74 db(A)
machine dimensions 1300x800x1800mm
net weight 980 Kg. ca
max. hydraulic oil tank capacity 120 litri

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proge 01
proge 01