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Automatic riveting
proge 12

Machine realized to perform riveting operations on lmedium thickness cookware.

Thanks to its peculiar structure, the machine can be set, adapted and reconfigurated in extremely short time.

The use of innovative system has allowed us to create a riveting machine extremely compact without renouncing to high speed and maximum easy-use.


Allows extra-fast riveting cycles, lower than one second to give maximum productivity.

It shares spare with the most common cookware riveting machines on the market, optimizing management of spare in stock.

Equipped with advanced components, simplifies the use in production reducing time for setup and configuration.

Technical data
Aluminium rivet diameter da 3 a 5 mm.
Rivet lenght da 7 a 15 mm.
Max. total thickness pierce able 4 mm. approx
Riveting standard work cycle 0,8 sec. approx
Distance between riveting axis and machine body 180 mm.
Max. riveting power 25.000 N
Installed power
2,5 kW
Compressed air supply pressure 6 bar
Machine dimension 770x1.250x1.830 mm.
Net weight 490 Kg.

All rights reserved to any modifications deemed necessary to the improvements of our products
proge 12
proge 12