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logo PTN-FT1 Belt conveyor furnace
Belt conveyor oven Oven realized for the baking process of non-stick coatings, porcelain enamel and silicon paints.  It can reach  temperatures up to 550° C thanks to the special thermic exchange technology and to powerful burners.

It is made out of  high thickness steel plates that are paired with multiple insulation systems; the oven allows to reach in short time the working temperatures and shows low heat dispersion while achieving the highest performances constancy and an excellent efficiency of warming-up groups.



Technical data
Electric power supply 400 Volt/50 Hz / 3F+N+G
Installed power
70 KW
Installed thermic power 1500 KW
Lenght 34500 mm
Conveyor width 1800 mm
Supply methane gas
Combustion groups 10
Thermoregulation zones 5
Air recirculation fans 5
Maximum working temperature 550 °C
Maximum conveyor speed 1500 mm/min

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belt conveyor oven
belt conveyor oven