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1   Link   calculator & unit converter
The best on-line scientific calculator; includes the possibility to do conversions between all the units of measurements
2   Link   On-line translator
Allows the translation of sentences or simple words between more than 15 different languages
3   Link   New Energies Website
Allways sensitive to ecology and new energies we suggest You to take a look at this site
4   Link   Site in Italian for the Eco-culture
Allways taking care of environment and ecology we suggest You to visit this site
5   Link   Currency converter
Fast converter between any amount and local/foreign currency
6   Link   Timetable e fusi orari
Consente di verificare le differenza di orario con i Paesi di tutto il mondo
Contiene iinoltre uno strumento di verifica per la sincronizzazione dell’ orario del PC con l’ ora esatta misurata con un orologio atomico.