Monday, 03 January 2011 00:00

Our Goal!

Progegroup believes that research and development are winning keys in a competitive market like today.
A team of engineers and scientists work day after day in order to offer to our customers the most advanced and versatile technologies.
Our machines are superior in quality , precision, innovation and safety; the result of a continuous research, that over the years has enabled the company to reach important goals and the recognition of patents for our designs.

- 1999Proge 01 - Automatic riveting machine- it is the most powerful machine of its kind, easily customizable, is equipped with automatic devices which allow to minimize human error and the use from non-specialist staff, in complete safety.

- 2000Proge 51 – Automatic lipping machine- simple and versatile machine, CE certified, which allows different types of automatic deformation of pots, ensuring high levels of productivity.

- 2001Proge 11- Automatic riveting machine- the smallest and fastest automatic riveting on the market, it does not require management by specialized personnel and is made with quality components that ensure its longevity.

- 2003 - Multiple riveting system for road signs - Automated solutions and semi-automatic joining of sheet metals by riveting in the field of road signs.

- 2006 - Hydraulic riveting arm - It is a robotic arm on which are installed riveting pincers so you can rivet components of varied shape, with high levels of productivity. The flexible arm allows the use for riveting of frames of commercial vehicles and vans, cookware, and the inclusion of components, or the joining of manufactured in plate.

- 2007PT 110 - It is a modular machine for the welding of Goujon on aluminum and stainless steel. Highly customisable, it allows the equipment with series of work single or double.

- 2009System for discs decoration - new system for a photographic decoration of discs; it ensures high levels of productivity and a full colour rendering.

- 2010PT178 - multi-processing machine consists of the combination between a vertical trimming lathe and a stud welding machine completely integrated.