Thursday, 11 April 2013 00:00
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Electric Riveting Machine
proge 01

Proge-tec sets research and technological development and technological innovation at the heart of its strategy for the for the improvement of production processes. The new Proge01AUS combines power and dynamism, style and performances, with great care of the details that allows it to adapt to any workmanship without adjustement from the operator. The Proge01AUS is the only certifiable in category 4 in the world and it has been developed with a new security technology that make it unique in the field.

Its power and great flexibility allows it to perform riveting operation on every type of thickness and to regulate itself completely in a very short time.

The Proge01AUS offers technological solutions, capable of increasing the protection and safety of the operator in the workplace guaranteed by special protection and diagnosis systems and with a level of noise without comparisons.

Easily customizable both with dedicated software for the management and control, that with special equipment for the realization of special applications.